Best Juicing Recipes for Energy

Things That Other People Aren’t Telling You

Many people think that the best juicing recipes for energy only come from fruits. Many fruits contain sugar and energy, which is why some folks think that way. Let me shock you: if you’re looking for energy in your juice combine both fruits and veggies! You read that right – fruits are great but if you’re really looking for the BEST energy giving recipes you need to combine them.

Boost your energy with fresh fruit juice.
I am speaking from my own perspective and according to what I have personally experienced. I’m telling you, you don’t have to be a juicing aficionado to understand that fact. Allow me to explain how I found out that you need to give fruit juice recipes a big veggie boost.

What Others Aren’t Telling You

I started juicing simply for health reasons. Certain health conditions were making life a little less comfortable for me. I received a great health boost when I started having juicer recipes. I’m not saying that it happened overnight. My health improved gradually and in time I felt better and even more energetic.

I experimented with all sorts of recipes using my favorite fruit juicers. I understood that the sugar in the fruits perk you up in the morning. So I usually grab a glass of the thing to start my day. I also noticed that my energy levels were a lot better with a glass of fruit juice than not having one to start my day.

After some time I learned that when you sweat, you don’t just lose energy when you lose electrolytes whenever you sweat. You also lose necessary fluids and a great way to get it all back and get invigorated is to have a mix of fruit and vegetable juice. It’s a well-rounded style of juicing where nutrients compliment and boosts energy. Don’t believe me? Try some of the best juicing recipes for energy that I have found:

My Power Smoothie


  • Handful of strawberries
  • 3 regular size oranges
  • 2 large apples
  • 1 banana

This is the juice recipe that gave me that raw energy boost every morning. It’s one of the first recipes that I learned to make. Notice that it contains one energy source after another. The oranges give a little tangent to the sweetness and the rest of the ingredients give you a filling effect. Notice that you get a big amount of raw energy from every fruit on this list (especially from the apples).

Health and Energy Booster


  • Three apples
  •  Eight cucumber slices
  •  One inch of ginger

This recipe picks up where my power smoothie takes off. This is one of the recipes that helped me realize a holistic approach to health. You basically get great flavor from the apples. Plus it’s a great energy source. The cucumbers add that element of well-rounded healthy dieting. You then spike this drink with ginger, which helps with blood circulation. Juicer recipes like these helped me realize that man does not live by fruit juice alone – you practically need veggies too!

Alkaline Juicer Recipe


  • Two whole carrots
  •    Kale (5 stalks with their leaves)
  •    ½ Celery stalk

The energy from this recipe comes from the carrots but that’s not the only thing this recipe is actually good for. The kale and celery gives you that much needed alkaline boost. This is one of the best juicing recipes for energy that I can recommend if you’re feeling down.